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A DreamMason is a person who’s intentional, committed and realizes it’s going to take planning, designing and the choice to build their dreams so they can live the life they want.

May 3, 2018

Scared vs Supported with Christina Stathopoulos

Ep25 - Scared vs Supported with Christina Stathopoulos

Welcome to The Bricks, a short one topic episode of The DreamMason Podcast intended to spark inspiration and support you in moving one step closer to your Dreams. 

Today I am joined by my friend, colleague, ferocious coach, and then newly engaged Christina Stathopoulos. 

Congratulations Christina!!!  I am so happy for you and Paul!

On this episode, we discuss whether to share or hide your goals as a means of support.  Who you should or shouldn’t tell and how you can get and ask for support.  We share stories and provide tips to generate inspiration. Additionally, we share a few great resources and share some Life and Business coaching tools.  

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You can connect with Christina Stathopoulos here:

Website:  www.HearHerRoar.net

Email:  Christina@HearHerRoar.net


You can connect with Alex Terranova here:

Instagram: @InspirationalAlex

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedreammason/

Website: TheDreamMason.com

Email: alex@TheDreamMason.com



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